Cultivating Mystical Awareness

spiritguide1There are many different concepts of mysticism, and people seem to have different ideas about what constitutes a ‘mystical experience’. Mysticism is one of those words that, although it has many definitions, is not so easily defined. It is a multi-layered experience that is unique to the individual who experiences it. Some see it as an experience of unity with the divine, some form of enlightenment, or receiving sudden knowledge. Many link mysticism to religion, spirituality and the sacred. There are mystics in every religion, and mystical, sacred texts abound. Skeptics of mysticism claim that what people think are ‘mystical experiences’ as simply the inner workings of the brain and psychological processes.

I would define mysticism as a heightened awareness of the unseen, which could also involve the presence of deity or a spirit guide, or some transference of information, energy or healing. Psychics, spirit mediums, witches, druids and those who spend many hours in meditation are highly mystical people, as they engage in practices that increase awareness and work closely with deities and spirit guides.

It is my personal belief that the higher powers, whether one acknowledges them as God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Guide or other names will from time to time reveal themselves to us in both tangible and intangible ways. This often results in a heightened awareness of the unseen realms and things happening around us. A mystical person may see, hear, feel and sense things that others around them cannot. Their eyes and ears have been “opened” and they have an increased sensitivity to the astral realms. A mystical person understands that the reasons why things happen are not as simplistic as others try to make it seem. Mystical people tend to live “between the worlds” in a liminal state. Their lives are guided by their inner awareness, by divinity, and not always according to plan.

In my lifetime, I have been privileged to meet some exceptionally gifted mystics. The one who had the most profound effect on me was a woman I knew over 20 years ago. I knew she spent many hours in meditation and quiet contemplation. She was deeply in tune with the unseen realms and lived in union with her deities, completely immersed in her relationship with them. She often had messages for people, messages of spiritual guidance that often contained specific information about them noone else could have known. The messages were not always pleasant. Some recognized her as a gifted seer and prophetess, while others thought she was strange or on drugs. Indeed, there were times when I was at a gathering with her and she would suddenly be “somewhere else”, gazing up at the ceiling or somewhere in the room. She would mention seeing lights around people or the room getting foggy. There were times that I could see it too. She carried so much energy that at times it emanated from her. I remember leaving one of our meetings, and as I walked past her she began laughing very loudly. Suddenly myself and others around me were almost knocked to the ground by what felt like waves of electricity. I knew it had come from her. She was also the person who revealed one of my healing gifts. I was giving her a hug, with my right hand on her lower back. I was startled when she collapsed onto the floor. She told me that she was having pain in her lower back, and that she felt energy come out of my hand and into her back, and healed whatever was causing the pain. I learned that we ourselves are not healers, but merely channels for divine healing energy to flow through. When this happened, I honestly didn’t feel anything at all, but she was incredibly sensitive. One of our teachers back then told us to start asking our deities and guides to “open our eyes” so that we could see more of what was happening in the unseen realms. I think this is good advice for anyone on a magical, mystical path.

For those who feel they may be led down a mystical path, there are ways to help increase your awareness and sensitivity. You must be consistent and make them a regular part of life. If you are reading this, perhaps you do so already.

Meditation: Develop a daily meditation practice, using controlled-breathing exercises and visualizations to bring you into a relaxed state known as Alpha. Early morning meditations are helpful, I find them to be more productive than in the evening when I am tired and sleepy. Include in your meditation times a period of listening. Open your mind to receive divine guidance or psychic information. Keep a journal handy to write things down, as you may receive bits and pieces of information that may not make sense right away.

Nature: Spend time in Nature as often as possible. Go for walks, hiking, gardening, herb gathering, or sit among the trees and absorb the sights and sounds of Nature around you.

Maintain Balance: To live mystically, a certain level of detachment from earthly matters is necessary, but do not live with your head “in the clouds”. It is important to stay grounded while keeping yourself mystically aware. Live ‘between the worlds’.

Listen: If you are a ritual leader/planner, be aware that even though you have planned everything from beginning to end, your deities and guides may choose to lead things in a different direction. Be open to their guidance.

Ask: Ask your divine guides to open your spiritual, mystical eyes and allow you to see the unseen. This may happen gradually, and may be more active at some times than others.

Commune with Deity/Personal Gnosis: Spend time with your Gods, Goddesses, Spirit/Divine guides. Set up an altar for them, communicate with them. Make time for them and they will make time for you. Place photos of them or objects that sacred to them on your altar. Be open to receive information or knowledge directly from your divine guides. This wisdom may be only for you and is not meant to be shared. At other times, you may be guided to give encouragement or share information with someone else.

Mystical people live between the realms of the seen and the unseen. Humility is of utmost importance. Keep your visions private unless you are guided otherwise. This is not about power but your connection to your guides. The more you listen and learn from them, the more you will be given.


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