Crystal Magick: Moonstone

moonstone3One of the most magickal stones, Moonstone is a white, blue or opalescent feldspar with strong magical connections to the Moon and Lunar goddesses. It is a feminine stone, with receptive energy, and is linked to the element of Water. One of it’s more powerful qualities is it’s use in Divination. The energy of Moonstone aids divination practices, such as tarot, runes or crystal gazing. Place a few Moonstone crystals near your divination tools, particularly on or near the Full Moon, or wear Moonstone jewelry whenever doing readings for others. It helps to keep good energy flowing during magickal rituals, working well for those who plan their lives by the phases of the Moon. This crystal helps us access the unseen realms, and makes it easier to receive psychic information. It is an excellent crystal for meditation and creative visualization. Those who have strong psychic or intuitive abilities will find this stone very beneficial. On a deeper level, this crystal also helps us to focus within and examine our motives and emotions. Use Moonstone during a Waning or Dark Moon when doing meditations to explore the Shadow Self, and anything about yourself that you keep hidden from others. Since Moonstone is strongly linked to emotions and the Sacral Chakra, it’s energies can be utilized to help gently stabilize any strong emotions and allow peace and calm to take their place. Moonstone is linked to the astrological sign of Cancer, and the concept of the Mother. It is nurturing, healing and protective. Whether you wish to develop a stronger bond with your own mother, or connect with a Mother Goddess deity figure, Moonstone is of great benefit. Moonstone helps to relieve anxiety, tension and stress. It is worn to prevent headaches, nightmares and other sleep disorders. Placing Moonstone around your workplace can help ease stress on the job and promote a peaceful environment. It is reported to be a favorite among children and animals, especially cats. It has also been used for centuries in spells for fertility and love. Another magickal benefit of Moonstone is it’s protective quality, particularly for travelers. Place a few Moonstone crystals in your suitcase or vehicle to draw upon their protective energies, or wear a Moonstone bracelet. To activate the Moonstone crystal, leave it sitting outside overnight in a bowl of purified spring water, in the light of a Waxing Moon (between New Moon and Full Moon). As with any crystal, cleanse your Moonstone in purified water before using it in any kind of magick or ritual.


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